Who's WHo

RRCS relies on a large number of individuals in order to function. This list is far from definitive and all members are important in their own right. We would like to thank all who help in so many other ways but are not listed below. Please get in touch if you can help us in any way.

President Patricia Rozario OBE
Vice Presidents John Bird

Music Director Penny Homer
Rehearsal Accompanist Charles Thompson

Chair Ailsa Darroch
Secretary Adrienne Elliott
Treasurer Tim Nelson
Membership Sarah Ashworth
Sponsorship & Development Kevin Chamberlain
Grants Philippa Weekes, Sarah Ashworth
Fundraising Yvonne Sinclair, Nigel Riddell, Chris Weekes, Philippa Weekes, Fiona Dunbar
Marketing, Advertising and Media Howard Harding, Tim Nelson
Website David Lake
Programmes Sue Riddell, Andrew Saunders
Concerts Angela Challis, Phillipa Weekes
Orchestral Manager Geoff Southall
Choral Librarian Caroline Hobbs
Orchestral Librarian Angela Robertson
Tours Helier Dreux, Ann Dreux
Community Development Sue Riddell, Jackie Whitehouse
Venues Chris Weekes
Concert Staging Richard Salmon
Friends Sue Ash
Refreshments Olivia Thompson
Voice Part Reps Yvonne Sinclair (Sop), Kathy Farquharson(Alto), Nigel Riddell (Ten), Robin Spencer (Bass)