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St John’s Church, Church Road, Redhill, Surrey
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Todd Songs of Peace
Rutter The Sprig of Thyme
Rodgers & Hammerstein Arr. Maulkin The Sound of Music
Bart Arr. Maulkin Oliver!

Songs of Peace is a life-affirming work by local world-renowned composer Will Todd centring upon love and loss. Incorporating themes of peace and eternity, this is a fitting tribute to former Reigate & Redhill Choral Society accompanist, Ray Maulkin, to whom this performance is dedicated. Folk songs have passed down from generation to generation, telling timeless stories of ordinary people’s lives. The Sprig of Thyme by Rutter features songs from across the British Isles and Ireland in a colourful musical patchwork of human experience. Through simple, direct language and lilting melodies, this affectionate tribute to mostly obscure / unknown composers and poets is a timely reminder of the complexities of human life and love that continue to delight both performers and listeners. Music from Broadway brings the programme to a heart-pounding climax in the form of popular excerpts from two Tony Award winning musicals, The Sound of Music and Oliver!, arranged by Ray Maulkin shortly before passing away from a highly aggressive form of cancer.